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  • This Summer’s Hottest Trends for Chicago Backyard Kitchens

    Summer is the perfect time for hanging by the pool, relaxing in the sun and, of course, enjoying a great outdoor BBQ. Chicago homeowners are finding that a simple charcoal grill on the deck doesn’t allow them the flexibility they are looking for. Not only are their menu options limited but they ca...

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  • How to Safeguard Your Chimney from Bees

    Of all the places for bees to start building their hive around your home the chimney is the worst. It is one of the few places on the home’s exterior where the bees can actually find a way into the home. When you begin to see little wings flying out of your fireplace you know you have a bee infest...

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  • Ten Little Known Facts About the Fireplace

    Although it has evolved and changed over time, the fireplace has been a standard in many homes for hundreds of years. It is what keeps our toes warm and toasty on those cold Chicago nights and the place we gather around as a family. The mechanics of the standard fireplace may seem basic and boring b...

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