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  • 3 Ways to Upgrade your Fireplace’s Appearance without Remodeling

    For homeowners looking to update their fireplace, they usually only consider one way to accomplish it – a fireplace remodel. While this type of project can add beauty and value to the home, it is not always feasible. Budget concerns and time constraints can play a large role in deciding whether or...

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  • How to Stop Smoky Fireplace Problems

    Few things can make a fireplace less enjoyable then when it billows with smoke anytime you start a fire. Not only does the smoke make it hard to breath, it also can permeate an obnoxious odor into the living space and leave a film of soot when it settles. A smoky fireplace, although frustrating, is ...

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  • 3 DIY Chimney Mistakes to Avoid

    Many homeowners enjoy completing DIY projects around the home. For the most part, the risk involved with doing your own work is minimal. Sure you may be left with a less than perfect job but rarely does this lead to serious dangers inside the home. Chimney work is one of the exceptions. Haphazardly ...

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