Why Lindemann?

  • Damaged Chimneys & Carbon Monoxide: A Deadly Combination

    Today’s homes are more energy-efficient than ever before. They are not only tightly-sealed but also well-insulated, helping keep warm air in during the winter and cool air throughout the summer. While this helps our families stay comfortable, it can also keep other not-so-welcomed guests inside th...

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Cleaning Services

    One of the main services we provide at Lindemann Chimney is the standard chimney cleaning. We have helped countless homeowners throughout the Lake Forest area and beyond, maintain a clean and healthy system through this one basic service. When speaking with new clients, we are happy to answer any co...

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  • Keeping You Informed: 7 Reasons for a Chimney Liner Replacement

    The flue liner is one of the most important components in the overall chimney structure.  It serves the vital function of protecting the inside of the chimney from intense heat, harmful fumes and byproducts.  It also helps to reduce draft problems creating a warmer, more efficient fire for you to ...

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