Why Lindemann?

  • Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Hearth

    Although less harmful than throwing litter out the window, burning a wood fireplace can have its own adverse effects on the environment. Gases such as nitrous oxide and fine particulates of soot get released into the surrounding air every time a fire in the hearth is enjoyed. Methane, a potent green...

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  • How CrownCoat Helps Seal Leaky Chimneys

    A leaky chimney is a common complaint we hear at Lindemann Chimney Service. When we inspect a home plagued with chimney leaks, our first area of suspicion is the chimney crown. The chimney crown is often the main source of water penetration through the chimney. Typically constructed of cement, the c...

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  • How to Solve Your Chimney Backdraft Problem

    Is it hard for you to keep or start a fire? Do you find that your fires don’t burn as hot or efficient as they could? If so, you could be experiencing backdraft problems within the chimney. The proper functioning of a chimney relies on hot air rising up and out of the stack. The hotter your fire t...

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